Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Simple Sweeter Sweater

I actually finished this sweater months ago. Yep, months. It's been waiting for buttons all this time. I have been wanting to make my own homemade buttons from found driftwood. Likely it would take very little time to do it, but I just haven't had the chance to set up my miter saw since I moved. So finally, I gave up on waiting and bought these rustic looking buttons instead. Within 20 minutes I went from a project-in-waiting to an actual wearable piece. (I also found the striped boot cuffs I knit months ago that are just waiting for the fleece boot socks to be cut and sewn...another 20 minute project that is just waiting to be finished)

This wasn't a difficult sweater by any means, it's just a series of rectangles, five to be exact. I like asymmetry in a sweater, so that was the first detail I designed. Next I decided that I was going to use much bigger needles on the bottom and smaller on the top so that you get this ethereal fairy look to the piece. I echoed the shape of the sweater in the sleeves making romantic bell sleeves.

I used 100% cotton yarn for this, making it my first project completed in all cotton. I love the feel of a natural fiber; linen and cotton are my favorite. (I haven't tried bamboo yet, but I suspect it's similar) The only thing I would warn about is that cotton isn't as strong as other fibers, and tore relatively easy when I accidentally tripped on it. Though, I don't think it's normal to trip over your yarn, so I wouldn't take it too seriously.


Unknown said...

LOVE this sweater-- just curious how you made it not roll on the bottom even though you used stockinette? Thanks!

Maggie said...

Ahhhh...yes...I used my knitting magic. Actually, I did nothing. I think the combination of the really large needles and the nice drape of the cotton did it for me. It literally DRAPES at the bottom of the sweater and the sleeves. I'll update when my daughter agrees to pose for a picture, the bodice is nice and fitted and the rest just flows from there.

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