Sunday, May 20, 2012

Guiness Book of World Records: Well, Amost

Part of moving to Alaska was to be a part of a smaller community. To actually BE a part of it, not just live in it. So when opportunities arise to say, be in the world record for the largest rubber boot race, we do it. (Even when we're not in the mood...and it was pushing it this time) Depending on which one of us is feeling more energetic at the moment, that one tilts their head and says "THIS is what we came here for," and the other one feels guilted into doing's a perfect tactic.

Despite the fact that all but me were napping when it was time to walk to the event, everyone got up, dressed and on the road within 10 minutes. We had to really hoof it to get there by the registration time, so we had a fairly unhappy boy at this point. But once we got there and registered and started seeing people we knew the kids settled in and started enjoying themselves.

The race itself was a nice slow pace, everyone was enjoying themselves, and everyone seemed to have a positive attitude. (I don't mean everyone in the family, I mean all 1008 people that came out to try and break the world record) Unfortunately we were shy of the 1367 we needed, but it doesn't change the fact that the feeling of positive community spirit was won't soon be forgotten. And that is why we moved here...well, the mountains and ocean don't hurt either!

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