Sunday, May 26, 2013

Upcycled Fashion Sunday

While sorting through clothes to donate  I found a bunch of stuff that could pretty easily be converted to little girls clothes...

Maternity shirt into...little girls skirt

This couldn't have been easier, I just chopped it and sewed the casing for the elastic and put the elastic in.  I used all the original hems, so this one was minimal work. (maybe 10 minutes)

Maternity shirt into...a little girls shirt

This one took even LESS work, I just took up the side seams and shortened the straps.  Instant tunic. (less than 10 minutes)

I did cut out the Motherhood Maternity tag, because frankly, it's a little creepy to have your 7 year old wearing clothes from a maternity store.

Old undershirt into...a little girls t-shirt

Laurel has this t-shirt that she loves (and I like the way it fits), so I laid it down on top of the old shirt and and used it like a pattern.  I cut 1/4" around the whole shirt.  I used the scraps to make the new neck-hole, then I just sewed the front to the back, hemmed the sleeves and put elastic in the shoulders and bottom hem for some shaping.  (I used the original bottom hem of the t-shirt, so I didn't even have to hem it!) (30+ minutes)

I have a one happy girl.

I feel like Maria from The Sound of Music, making play clothes out of curtains...and there is nothing wrong with that.

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