Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Homeschooling at its best, outdoors and from the experts


The National Forest Service was running a special program for school-aged kids this week at one of our very close and very incredible parks.  It focused on orienteering, local wildlife, local fish and insects and local plants. Living in Southeast Alaska we spend LOTS of time indoors in the winter.  So when opportunities like this arise...and it's good's like the planets have aligned just for us.

Everything was hands on and outside.  The experts (park rangers, fish & wildlife biologists, etc) ran the classes.  The homeschooling moms mostly just watched (and learned). 

This is where I love to watch Laurel grow up and become her own person.  There are those adults out there with the special gift of treating children like small adults with fully valid points of view.  It is these few adults that really help kids shine and begin their own path to discovery and passionate exploration. Ms. Leslie Swada of the Forest Service is one of those people.  She seems to bring the best out of the kids that are ready to make that leap into learning something new.

There was so much to see and do and learn.  It was an exciting, fun and tiring day for us.  But it was WELL worth it.

Thanks to our local Forest Service crew!!    

Seriously...this is what it's like to homeschool in Southeast Alaska.  (at least when it's not raining)

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