Friday, May 3, 2013

The world I want my children to live in

Inspiration comes from so many places.  A book, a movie, a friend.  I read a lot of books and articles about being a better mom, better homeschooler, being more present in my life.  I read so much that sometimes I just have to put down whatever I'm reading and let my head rest.

And then---sometimes---you just have to touch the cover of a children's book to be inspired.

Then open up the pages and get lost in the amazing world that someone else has created.

And then realize that this is what you want for your children.

I want my children's lives to be like a Doris Burn illustration.

It's that simple.  

And what I find disturbing is that publishers seem to think that old is bad, and so they replace amazing with something that is brightly colored but completely devoid of passion and depth.  No offense to Joe Cepeda, but come on...I think even he can see the difference.  Doris Burn created a wonderland for children to live in for hours, a place for the imagination to roam even after the book is closed.  Why would any publisher think that some bright colors could replace that.  

 Ugh, what a shame.

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