Friday, May 31, 2013

Upcycled Fashion: Little Girls Sweater Dress from an old OLD NAVY Men's Sweater

This one was fun...

First, I laid out the sweater and used a tunic she already had as a makeshift pattern.  (I traced around it with a marker, then cut it out)

I used the little extra piece of material at the top as the ruffle sleeve, I just flipped it around so that the flat side was in towards the sleeve hole, allowing the rounded side to ruffle.

Then I just sewed up both sides along the marker line, hemmed the outside edge of the sleeves (I think that's easier to do before you put them on) and then I put the ruffle sleeves on.

IT WAS THAT EASY! The sweater was headed to the Goodwill it doesn't even matter if you screw it up.  That's the beauty of up-cycling, it allows you to experiment without spending a lot on fabric.

(Ignore the chocolate pudding on her face...)

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