Friday, April 13, 2012

The Ugly Apron

Not every craft is a winner. I've learned that lesson over and over. (and I learned it again today) As I was driving to get a last minute present for a last minute party for Laurel's friend I started thinking about the apron/baking kits I used to sell. Why spend $10+ on a gift that I could make for free with things I already have? So I turned around the car and headed home.

Once I started looking at all my new fabric I should have realized there would be a problem...I didn't want to use any of them on this. (So I used my less than favorite) Then I decided to try a new design, and because of the new design I decided to bind the edges of the raw fabric. BUT...I didn't want to stop and make binding in the same I used a store bought one I already had. (In my defense I thought the contrasting colors would be cute) Then I cut out the letters from a piece of fabric that already had bonding on it...but it wasn't bright enough to show much beyond the background fabric. My last mistake, I kept running out of the right color thread, so there are several parts that just don't look right. Sigh. It's too late now...I'm not about to go back to the store after I've spent the last hour making this one.

I hate giving something that feels cheap. And the truth is the cost in money and time is about the same as my normal apron (below), but instead of looking like something from a boutique it looks like something from the dollar store.

I should have gone with better fabric. I should have stuck with my usual design. I should have listened to my gut when it was telling me "you're not gonna like this."

Sigh...maybe if I'm lucky this Ugly Apron will grow up to be a beautiful swan.

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