Sunday, April 29, 2012

Choose Joy...and a New Blog on the Blogroll

I've been working with my daughter for the past few weeks on a new motto for her...CHOOSE JOY. My lovely little lady has a tendency to take after her dad with a little bit of a doomsday attitude towards things. (look she's already perfected her gaze of disillusionment)

I was raised with a "face it head on" kind of lifestyle, and I generally do. A little rock'n roll music, a few air punches and I'm ready to face anything (yes, apparently I am Dwight Schrute).

Today on Pinterest I ran across this cake

which took me to this blog

and now I'm hooked. Her style, her graphics...I love her already. She's my bff and I've never met her (shhh...don't tell her that, she might think I'm crazy)

Check it out man, she summed up my Choose Joy motto with one cute picture.


Sachi said...

Thank you again for the kind words! Also, your banner image is of your family wearing chicken hats! Internet bff status: official.

Maggie said...


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