Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A-Line Pocket Skirt: Pinterest Copy

I love Pinterest. I know I've said it before, but I do. I believe social media should be a positive sharing of ideas. (and without delving too deeply I find Twitter and Facebook to be used very negatively both in time wasted and information not gained) Pinterest on the other hand is rarely negative, and I have gathered more helpful ideas, craft and kid inspirations and recipes in a week than I would have otherwise gotten in YEARS of searching on my own. YEARS...and I stand by that.

(click on the pic to go straight to the tutorial on Whatever Dee Dee Wants)

But this isn't about my beliefs...this is about a skirt. An adorable skirt that I saw on Pinterest. I followed the link to the tutorial, gave it a quick browse and then decided to make my own. The project was very fast and very easy. I used an old pair of shorts as the measure for length and width and then I made my own pattern using some old coloring sheets that my kids had already used (they're huge, like 12 x 24...don't toss them, they make great kid patterns).

Notice I used the same fabrics as the Ugly Apron...but without the store bought teal binding it looks SO MUCH cuter. Unlike the tutorial I went with a pop of color on the pocket...she's 6...why not? And I love the look of the binding on the pocket edges...I already have several other dress, skirt and apron ideas based on this very simple pattern.

Once you have the knack you could make 2-3 in an hour if you wanted. I'm going to modify it further to make a t-shirt dress with the bottom looking a bit like this skirt. Seeing as I have more time on my hands this week (since it's National Turn off the TV week) I've started several projects...I'm also working on a knitted fish hat for Luke (also a Pinspiration), and guitar straps for the kids' guitars and a camera strap for me...and if I have time I'll finish up the projects from March that I still haven't finished (of course I should have done those first, but what fun would that be?).


pennockpredicament said...

Jim ini you have been very productive and creative since you have moved to Ketchikan, an inspiration for the funk I have been feeling : ) Hope to see you around town some more

Maggie said...

It seems to come in waves, something about the spring has got me feeling especially crafty. Now, if I spent half the time cleaning that I do crafting (and thinking about crafting)---well---my house would be clean. I am so glad I finally got to meet you!

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