Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Going Daisy Crazy

I'm a Daisy Scout leader? What is the world coming to? Seriously.

So I just had my first official Daisy scout meeting. I decided we should do some kind of craft, because lord knows I'm all about the crafting. With the sun shining, the flowers starting to blooom...and plenty of inspiration from Pinterest I came up with these.

Super cute, right? I love it when a kids craft is not only cute, but potentially something you want to keep. Unfortunately not every picture or craft that comes home falls into that category, right? (Admit it moms...sometimes you wait until the kids go to bed and then throw the ugly crafts away, right? You don't? neither.)

Thanks to my over-obsessive compulsion to see every DIY & Craft pin on Pinterest I was able to find this idea. (I knew my laziness and obsession with Pinterest would pay off somehow)
Here is the pictu-torial from Pinterest, I just added two more petals and a yellow button to make it a daisy. Daisy headbands...I want one!! It's even better because they could do it themselves (with a little help from the leaders).

The girls were able to finish them over two weeks, and most of them wore them to school the next day. (I was pretty proud to see my little Daisy-girls wearing them)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How long is the main headband strap?

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