Friday, August 6, 2010

Squish 'em in a book

This goes to show how behind I am...this project was from Mother's Day. I just finally got around to taking the picture so that I could post it. Jeesh.

The day before Mother's Day my mom requested that I make her a cloth bible cover with her children all over it. She has 6 kids and 4 I wasn't sure which kids she wanted (especially since three are adults) one really wants an appliqued picture of an adult child do they? That seems strange to isn't as cute when it isn't a kid. I didn't matter because I couldn't make the cover because I didn't have the bible. So with the inspiration in mind, I set out to make a token gift.
I decided on a cloth bookmark with each of my kids on one side of it. I'm more of a page bender than a book-mark-user...but it came out so cute I might be tempted to convert. I've never made applique kids so small before, which was it's own challenge...but in the end I simply did less design, and more on-the-fly cutting. The fusing material is really a must with pieces this small, when you're trying to zig zag over the tiny details you really don't want them shifting around on you.

So for those of you who like to squish your you can squish 'em in a book.


Whitney said...

talented. We are taking the bag you made for Elliot to the beach with us this weekend with all of his beach stuff in it. I was just admiring the design and workmanship today and bragging about it to Pat. :)

Maggie said...

You are so funny...that was just the wrapping paper! It's not lined or anything. I'm glad it's held up though! One day I'll mail his baby's been laying in my kitchen since November!

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