Thursday, August 5, 2010

On the Table (straight from the farm)

With the CSA produce winding down for the summer, I am trying to squeeze all the best out of it. There are exactly 2 pick ups left. I made more gumbo today...but this time I didn't have to make the roux. Thanks to my father I had a gorgeous dark roux waiting in my fridge. That sounds crazy...but it's true. My father made it. But, too bad for his kids (the ones that still live at home) they don't like dark roux. So...instead of waisting away, it came home with me to make another rich delicious vegan-okra-tomato gumbo. Smells wonderful...though it will have to wait for another day. (no time for dinner tonight...I'm building a boathouse/shed/thingy) Hey...I'll bring the camera tonight so you can all see!!
Here's the last of this weeks CSA box, chopped and ready to become gumbo and the toppings for tomorrow night's pizza.

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