Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Poop in Soup

Someone told me that today in relation to the kind of week I've been having...poop in soup. It's funny because he's not the kind of guy that would normally say something so...benign. (ie the 4 letter word of choice wouldn't normally be poop) So the fact that he said it made it even funnier. I need funny right now. The other funny thing I heard this morning was my brother telling me he went out with a Puerto Greekan. (He was Puerto Rican and Greek...get clever bro) So I got two chuckles this morning, despite it being a low-on-chuckles kind of week. Some weeks in life we just have to endure I will. Honestly, I can't complain. Or at least I shouldn't. Life could be SO MUCH WORSE!! It just seems hard right now. I'm tired, that doesn't help anything. We're trying to buy a house...AND I took my youngest for a strep test yesterday (since big sis had it last week) since he was running a fever and the day ended with having to ride with him via ambulance to the Children's Hospital in Atlanta. In short, he's fine. Honestly I think the pedetrician over reacted. I think the ER doc at Children's thought so too. But, when a doctor says your 15 month old needs to go to the ER and must be taken via ambulance don't fight. You say ok and pray pray pray that your tiny little man will be ok. I had to call my mom to come pick up big sis at the doctor's office so that I could ride over with the baby. It's funny, he's just graduated to toddler, but lying in my arms with an oxygen mask on he became my baby again. (A VERY strong little baby who fought me tooth and nail about the darn mask!)

And even though I knew the ambulance was coming for us, it didn't prepare me for the six fireman who filed into the tiny little doctors office to get us. I felt like I was in the middle of some reality show. Brian and Travis of the Gwinnett County Fire Department were great. And I got a brief reprieve from the seriousness when one of the guys on the firetruck accidentally let our paperwork fly away in the breeze and had to run all over the place to pick it up.

In short, we're all fine. Everybody is fine. Everybody is home. No worries. But for that brief moment in time all the fears in the world crept into my head and I just stared at my baby with disbelief that he could be so healthy one day and not the next. Of course he's right back to looking healthy today...fickle fickle kids. (Of course now daddy is sick) So far I'm holding strong, though I feel emotionally like a could break into a million pieces. I feel like a had a big swig of that poop soup. (Don't visualize that...)

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