Monday, April 6, 2009

Baskets Baskets Everywhere

Because I've shipped all of my Easter orders, it feels like Easter is over. I haven't done the first Easter-ish thing yet, but it feels like it's all over. (Does a photo shoot of my kids holding Easter Baskets counts as doing something Easter-ish?) Probably not.
There was a slight last minute rush on Easter stuff...good for business...bad for sleep. Did I mention I'm tired? Yep...yep, I think I did. And, in case you didn't know we hit 100 SALES!!! Which means the give-a-way contest is officially closed. If you missed out, not to worry. My plan is start doing giveaways of the new items. I'm hoping to be able to do them once a month. Plus, I'm starting to do giveaways on some popular mommy-blogs, so I'll let you know about them as they come up so you can sign up for those giveaways too. I will announce the giveaway winner in one week.

1 comment:

Suzanne in TX said...

Hi there! I just voted for your Oink basket over at Blackhead Radio. Good luck! Once of my collar designs is in the "wild card" portion of this week's challenge. Cast a vote for me if you like it, please.

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