Monday, April 13, 2009

Panda vs Elephant

Ok, so this isn't exactly a death match or anything...just a little crafty rumble between two animal totes. In an attempt to grow my business I've decided to start doing some promotions. One such promotion is a giveaway I'm doing later this week on I decided to come up with a new design for the giveaway, and since I've been wanting to do some tote bags based on the designs of my Easter baskets, I thought it would be good timing. So, in the wee hours of Saturday morning I took out my sketchpad and picked out the cutest sketch. On paper the cutest sketch (according to me) was the panda bear. So I set out to make it. I could tell from the get-go it wouldn't be my best design ever. It's the little things...the eyes weren't quite right for one. In any case, when it was done it just wasn't up to par. I really didn't feel comfortable about using it in the giveaway. This opinion was backed up my my husband and 3-year old daughter. My husband thought it looked like a cow or a ghost. My daughter just snubbed it and said she didn't like it. I was a little discouraged because I didn't have a lot of time to make up a new design. So I went out to the studio and looked through the canvas colors I had on hand. I had a sort of faded light blue that I bought with no intention of making into anything in particular. It looked like an elephant, and it just so happened I had already sketched out an elephant design. So I started freehand cutting out the ears, trunk and eyes and put it all together. I could tell as it was coming together that it would be good. When a good design comes together I get this silly-giddy-childlike mood about me. (Like a kid on Christmas morning) It's embarrassing really...but I can't help it. I want everyone to see it...I want to show it off. I want people to tell me it's as cute as I think it is. Adults shouldn't need this kind of affirmation...and typically I don't, but I admit...I like to hear that people like my stuff! Some of the comments you guys left about my monster bag were so sweet they brought tears to my eyes. (which isn't good because it totally destroys this tough-guy facade of mine that I like to keep up at work!) Because these designs are straight from my imagination (the good the bad and the ugly) and they represent what I hope will be my future if the business keeps growing the way it is...I can't help but get emotionally involved with each and every new design. When people say it's business, it isn't personal...I don't know what they're talking about, it's all personal to me.


Cari said...

The panda is cute but the elephant is A-DOR-A-BLE!!! I want all of your totes. I am trying to convince my hubby that our son nEEds these for his various things. So far I haven't convinced him. Maybe the elephant will push him over the top. So cute!

Kristine said...

I love the elephant! Especially the ears and the lines you stitched on the trunk. So, so cute.

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