Friday, April 24, 2009

New take on an old friend

As is common here in the south, we ended up with big thunderstorms last night. For us that means 2 things 1)Dish Network goes out 2) Little girl gets up. Since I couldn't watch The Office, and Laurel couldn't sleep...I figured we'd head out to the studio and sew. (This means I sew and she cuddles up with a blanket and a movie) Last night's movie-of-choice was Mulan. Thank goodness...I actually think I was turning into Pocohontas. You are what you watch...or something like that.
So, I was up sewing monster teeth...and lots of them. Each one takes 4-5 depending on the when you're making several bags at a time it adds up. It took me nearly the whole movie and all I managed to do was sew monster teeth. That's a lot of teeth, thank goodness you don't have to pay for dental on these puppies.

I decided somewhere along the way I'd try a new monster design, one large eye with an eye lid instead of two eyes. I think it came out well. I don't think he'll replace the original...but we're all about diversity here at Maggie Blue I think our mono-occular fellow will fit in just fine.

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Cari said...

I got my son's Monster tote in the mail today and I am so beyond happy right now. He is even cuter in person!! I raved about it on my blog and commanded all of my pals to check out your Etsy site. Thank you so much!!

It is so funny that you would post about this new guy today because as I was drooling over the lil guy that I got today I thought, "She should so make some with one eye". You were way ahead of me. He is adorable.

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