Sunday, October 15, 2017

Moving In: Our Little Homestead

I know it's been forever since I posted. (Literally forever.) I blame it on Instagram. It's SO easy and quick to use. But, it doesn't allow you to really give details about what's going on. I would like to go back and fill in the blanks of the rest of our travels, but for now I'll do a quick recap of the summer and pick up in the present.

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After Jon's accident in the spring, we had to stay put and let him heal. It took months until he was finally able to drive and even longer before he could do strenuous up a camper. We did manage to get out for a final two week trip in the camper, and it was amazing. We loved living on the camper, and we loved traveling. But all good things must come to an end (for now) since we made some farm promises to the kids.

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During the healing time we were able to sneak away to look at homesteads, and we managed to find the one we wanted. It took a ridiculous amount of time to close...more than 60 days...but close we did. Everyone loves it, it was a unanimous choice, and being there is like being home. (Which is good, since it is)

 After traveling to Alaska, Georgia and Florida for a month, it was finally time to move in. We've been in the house for about two weeks  Unfortunately, because of bats, no one will be moving upstairs any time once again we're all sleeping together in one tight space. (Thankfully we like it that way!) Most of the bats are gone, but their grossness remains, so all of the ceiling and insulation above the upstairs bedrooms will have to be removed and replaced. Once everything is clean and new, the kids can move into their long awaited bedrooms. Yes, that is bedrooms...after sharing a bedroom on the boat for two years, and on the camper for another two...both kids are ready to have some space to call their own.

Personally, I am a little excited about it too....but also sad. It means a chapter is closing on our life. But, it also means chapters are opening. We have a homestead! A beautiful mountain oasis in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. I literally sit on the front porch for hours being amazed by the beauty around us. Especially now that it's fall, the leaves fall all around us. We have half a dozen apple trees, and equally as many mountain springs flowing down our part of the mountain.

This spring will mean ducks and chickens, maybe some goats...and then who knows. This is just a continuation of the experiment....if the kids want to try something, we will. And when the kids are done farming, who knows, maybe we'll turn our farmstead into our home-base and start traveling again. I love that our lives have become a place where anything is possible...and in the meantime, it's nice to have a home again.

The view of our farm from the top of the property.

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