Friday, September 24, 2010

Two Weeks of Domestication

This is the end of my first two weeks of domestication. I knew that I would have to jump head first into this new life. I've always had the excuse that life is too busy to (insert thing I should have done). But now, no excuses. This means my house needs to be cleaned, children educated, bread made, shopping done, etc etc. Am I in trouble? Maybe.
Week 1 I was buried in cleaning the house and I didn't get over to the new house to do anything. This was a little disappointing...but I really want to get this house in order before I jump into working on the new house. The cleaning made it's way into week two, but I set aside Wednesday to work with Jon at the new house. (it looks no better of course, but it's a long-haul kind of project) We spent the afternoon ripping out the wood floor to see how much of the subfloor is rotted. (a fair amount) It seems insurmoutable...but I think if we take it a step at a time we'll get there.

I've been cooking a lot, which I enjoy. I've been sewing a little, which I would like to do more.

We've gone on a couple of nature hikes and collected pine cones and acorns and rocks. And we've gone to the playground more in the last two weeks than we did all last year.

I've been sketching like crazy, new project ideas, house ideas, etc. I love sitting down with my sketchpad and a pencil and not having a plan. It's been hard to find the time though, so for the most part when Luke takes his afternoon nap is when Laurel and I make tea and "do projects." Somedays it means me sketching and her coloring. (she really loves making books, and fancies herself an author now) We call eachother Mrs. Nesbitt and talk in British accents and use words like divine and delightful. I'm working my booty off...but I'm enjoying it. Suddenly going to the store or the playground doesn't seem like such a chore. Even cleaning doesn't seem so chore-like...even though it is in fact a chore.
The current house isn't totally clean yet. (I'd say halfway) And the new house...well, we won't talk about that yet until there is some progress to speak of. But, progress is being made. And I'm loving the no-stress time with my kids. I've never had that's amazing.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The shed that love built---wait no, I BUILT IT!

The fourth semester is finally over. In the last month we've been onsite building this shed...not too shabby. When I remember to get the pictures off my other camera I can do some before-and-after.

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