Saturday, July 30, 2011

Part of Beach Trip 2011

We just returned from the second annual Fort Fisher Family Beach Trip and boy are we burned. It didn't matter how much, how often or what kind of sunblock we used we still got burned. (except for Luke who I think could have been sent out sans sunblock and still been fine) Here are some pictures from our afternoon of crabbing. We ended up catching about 30 keep-able crabs and having a feast of gumbo and crabs that night. The rest of the pictures will be posted after Gabe and Abby get home from their mission trip. (I forgot my memory card, and this is all that would fit on the internal memory)

Top 5 Highlights...
1) Playing in the ocean (of course)
2) Crabbing (they caught 2 big hermit crabs as well as the 30+ blue crabs)
3) A night of Ghost Crab hunting (beach, kids, night and flashlights...need I say more?)
4) Flying kites (until Luke let go of his and it flew into an electic line...we left shortly after that...)
5) Watching my kids have fun with their cousins (it doesn't get to happen nearly enough)

Compare to last year...can you believe how much they've changed?!?!
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