Thursday, March 6, 2014

Octopus Earrings: An Education in Burning Polymer Clay


This has been a crafty week for us.  I knitted a baby hat, setting off several days of pom pom making for the kids.  We've been taking a paper mache class, and just put the final layers on our projects.  And, we made these earrings.  ACTUALLY, the kids made these earring...I managed to nearly destroy them.

My kids are really into making things with polymer clay.  They got the Klutz Clay Charms book for Christmas and have pretty much worked their way through it.  Luke in particular got really good at making octopuses.  He keeps making them, then leaving them in bad places...which has made for lots of octopus splats on the floor.

This time he made one that I really wanted to make into earrings, so I put it in a safe place.  Then Laurel made it's sister-pus, and I attempted to bake them in my not-so-high-quality propane oven.  This is where things went horribly wrong.  You can't control the heat in our's basically on or off.  So I kept turning it off and on, opening and closing the door to regulate the heat.  But regardless of all that effort, the last time I opened the door to check, the tentacles had begun to burn.  Sigh. 

Thankfully, they seemed strong I decided to paint and glaze them.

And now, presenting my favorite new earrings...

I love my kids.

This is what it looked like the night we painted the earrings,
so I couldn't help myself...I opened the doors wide and snapped a picture.
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