Friday, May 8, 2009

Make Your Kid into a Cartoon

I'm doing a giveaway starting Monday on The Shopping Mama's blog ( This will be the first time I've given away any of the Candid Memory Cards. For this one I'll be giving away a set of 12 cards and envelopes of the Candid Memory Illustrations. Since I really liked the way this one came out in particular, I thought I'd show the process of turning your kids into illustrations using the adorable Jack as my model.
Every illustration starts with a photo, pen and a piece of paper. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to capture the spirit of the subject. In Jack's case, the hair was everything. For the overall card I also wanted to show the matching clothes, because little things like that not only look cute, but also mean something to the parents. Of course not every detail will make it into the illustration, which is why I rely on written details as well. If the hairband, or shirt, or dog is important...I need to know so it will be a focus in the illustration. In the end I want you to look at your cards and smile because it's not only a cute illustration of your child, but also because it captures their spirit just a little bit. So in the end you aren't just smiling about a picture, but actually at a memory. (Hence the name Candid Memory Cards) That's why I like to have the photo on the back with a short narration so that every one you send the cards to can not only see that it's cute...but also share in a particular memory with you. Run of the mill cards at the store just don't do that much for me...which I guess is why I came up with these.
Enough out of me...the giveaway starts Sunday night, go check it out!
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