Sunday, May 18, 2014

Embroidered Forest Family

It's been a while since I've worked this hard on a craft project.  Thank goodness for motivating friends...and for friends who are having babies (and have cute taste).

The original pinspiration for the project were these cute little embroidery kits that you can buy and make from ETSY seller kiriki.

We decided to make something similar ourselves, and made them into pillows for the crib we were buying for the mom-to-be.   We sketched out a few ideas, and then finally picked the ones we liked best.  From there we made a pattern and did a test run on the size to make sure we liked it before we started cutting the good fabric.

Since we wanted them to all be the same size, I used the same pattern for all three.  I made three sets of paper ears and taped them on when it was time for each animal.

The embroidery was where I got to have some fun.  I haven't hand embroidered in a I stopped by the library and got a couple of books to help inspire me and remind me of some techniques. This was also the most time consuming part...thankfully embroidery can go anywhere you I was able to stitch at the library, the REC center, during swim lessons, during speech therapy, etc.

I think they came out fact...we liked them so much we're planning a little something for our place!

Ketchikan, Alaska Tourist for a Day: Round 3

 Alaska will always be in my blood, no matter where else we go in life.  It truly is an amazing place.  We're lucky enough to be here, to be living on a boat, to be given the chances to really see/feel/hear what this place is all about.

One of the most fun ways to do that is by seeing what the tourists see.  So every year on tourist-for-day we go out and act the part.  Go TFAD!

This year we added the Aleutian Ballad Bering Sea tour to our list of to-dones in Ketchikan.  (and it did not disappoint!)  We were swarmed by bald eagles, we saw king crab, giant shrimp, an octopus, pulled in rockfish...and more.  All the tour guides had a lifetime of Bering Sea and other Alaskan fishing stories.  Thankfully the kids' new cameras came just in time...they used them a lot!

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