Friday, June 24, 2011

Alaska or Bust

After what seems like an agonizing eternity of waiting, we have some incredible news to share. It looks like we are moving to Alaska. That's right folks, Ketchikan, Alaska. First stop on the Alaskan tour line, island, rain forest, temperate climate...what can I say, we're so excited. For a minute there we thought the offer wasn't coming and we were SO bummed (and trying to pretend like we weren't). Now that the initial drama is over, we can move on to phase 2, which is the moving phase. We have approx. 2 weeks to pack and skat, and 2 weeks to get there. (We have our work cut out for us)

But can I just take a moment to talk about my incredible husband? He is incredible. It's because of him that we are about to set out on this amazing adventure. I thought I knew him inside and out, then he started throwing out curveballs like "let's move to Belize." I knew he didn't REALLY mean it, but he started researching anyway. And each time he threw out a crazy idea it seemed a little less crazy. Then one night he emailed me and said, "what about Ketchikan, Alaska?" I looked it up online and I was hooked. I wrote him back and said it looked like Stars Hollow, Alaska and I told him to put in an application. So he did. (did all the old Gilmore Girls fans catch the reference?)

We have 3000 miles ahead of us to camp and explore the country on our way to our new home. I just couldn't be more thankful for a husband who wanted a better life for us, and made it happen. I sure love that guy. Now if we can only sell 2 houses, 4 cars and 1 camper we'll be set. Anybody want some goats?

Here are some pictures from our visit a few weeks ago. It was so much more beautiful than my pictures can show. And everyone (I mean everyone) fishes, crabs and shrimps. They pull in a 30 pound salmon and think nothing of it. They pull in a 200 pound halibut and it's a pretty good fishing day. They pull in 20 crabs and a few gallons of shrimp, it's just dinner. And they all have smokers in the backyard for their salmon. It's all so commonplace that they think you're strange for thinking it's strange. It will be a whole new life for us, filled with kayaking and hiking and of course seafood. If anyone is up this way on the Alaskan cruise line, don't forget to stop in and say hello. We'll take you out kayaking, feed you some seafood and show you a good time.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To My Friends

To Caixia,
For five years we worked together. You watched me go through two pregnancies. Every day you commented on how much milk I produced pumping at work after both babies were born, you were like my own little cheering squad. I enjoyed saying things that made you blush and giggle. You had a kind heart and a quick humor. There wasn't a single time that you could not produce what I asked for. (and I asked for a lot) I never did get your recipe for your potato dish, I really hope someone else did. Every time I make it for the rest of my life I will tell a story about you, and once I stop being sad about your untimely (and totally unfair) death I will smile and laugh when I think about the funny times we had together.

To Denghui,
Never have I met a harder working guy. You stayed calm every day for the five years I worked with you. (Except for the time you called in sick to work from home because Chief wouldn't give you a minute to think) You saved the day so many times, I honestly don't know how Olis can live without you. Instruments that weren't ready to ship, you made them ready. Computer bugs, PMT issues...almost solved. You pulled me out of a million techsupport jams and not one time did you need to BS your way through, you knew every aspect of the programming and the hardware. You were an amazing talent, and I am so sad that I will never be able to call someone Butt Clown in chinese again. (to be honest, I only did it to make you laugh) It just isn't fair. It really just isn't fair.

To the a-hole who was in such a hurry this morning and just had to run the red light...I hope you learn what an incredible couple they were. And I hope you wake up every day and think about the people you killed because of your selfishness.

Your Friend,

Friday, June 10, 2011

Everyone Is Invited

Laurel has been formulating a Rock Star show for when she is a Rock Star. She's put months and months of thought and planning into this. Today she sat down with her Grandma and verbalized many of the fun things to do at her Rock Star show and Grandma wrote them all down for her.

(Click to expand)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Missing The Farm

We are really missing the farm. We've been at the old house trying to get it ready to put on the market, but we miss playing outside everyday. We miss the fireflies, and our garden and the view. We did finally get our plants in the ground, some have done well in this awful heat wave...some not so well. This summer is sort of our first attempt at everything, so we're giving ourselves a summer to learn. We should be home by Monday and then we'll have to get cracking on the fencing so that we can bring Goatie & Eugene home. (Technically their full names are Goatie Goatie and Eugene Fitzhebert from Rapunzel) I can't wait to see them. (plus I can't wait for them to eat the Kudzu!) Here are some pictures over the last few weeks.

Kids putting the garden in

Kids at Fernbank

Camping at the Farm with Grandma and Hallie

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I added a new blog to my blogroll. I haven't had nearly the time (or the computer, or the Internet) to read any blogs in the last 1-2 months...which has been nice. But it was also nice reading a couple of the posts I missed. You know why? Inspiration! There are some really cool people in this world, and they inspire me. Here's one now...

I linked over from the Lettered Cottage because I saw this...

I have such plans for our new house, building (obviously), trim work, painting, furniture making and upholstery. I've never done it, but then when I see things like this I realize not only can I do it...but how could I not?!?! That is just gorgeous.

I also found this, which I want to do in my pantry. It makes me think of Marilla Cuthbert's that strange? (no need to answer, I know it is...but I love it)

Plus I'm going to do something like this in the camper. We need so much storage, and what a cute way to access all of our stuff. I think I will do it in the kitchen first and then go from there.

Ahhhhh....isn't the Internet great? (Though I admit the break from it has been nice as well)
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