Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Majestic Redwoods

Oh my goodness.

The redwoods really are as awe inspiring as you'd think they'd be.

It makes me so sad that only 5% of the original forests are left. It does make it feel sometimes like we simply can't fix the damage we as humans have done, and are still doing to our planet.

But, this post isn't about dwelling on the bad, rather it's about renewing the spirit. Crescent City and the surrounding ocean and redwoods have been revitalizing for us. The temperature seems to be permanently stuck in autumn, which has been wonderful! We've spent part of every single day in the glory of nature; hiking, swimming, beachcombing or kayaking. We've also chosen this place and time to start up school again.

As a homeschool mom, I LOVE the start of school. (Don't get me wrong, I love the lazy days of summer too!) But, there is something about beginning again that I just love. Cool mornings, warm drinks, sitting around the table together working on something...or snuggling up on the couch to read together. I am not someone who loves to have a strict routine, but a little bit of routine (every once in a while) seems to be just the thing we need. We are easing slowly back into the school year, a week at a time, adding a little more as we go.

This place has been magical for us, the kids built a teepee in the woods behind our campsite, and have slowly been building it up and working on it for the last few weeks. It's this kind of project-based, nature-inspired unschooling that I love the most.

So this year I've worked hard to streamline the more regimented parts of our schooling so that it takes up only the pre-lunch hours. The rest of the day is for playing, being in nature, working on projects, or anything else that we decide to do that day. I am a little afraid that in a different place we won't find everything so wonderful...but alas, as travelers, we must travel on and have faith that it is us, and not this place that makes us who we are. (But I won't lie, there is something magical going on here!)

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