Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Are you bored of seeing us crab yet?

How many pictures can I take of crabbing and fishing? A lot. (and videos too) The fact is, this is our life up here. We bought a boat and we're going to get our money's worth out of it. (not literally of course...but we're here to enjoy life and that's what we're going to do) It's funny because locals (and coast guard wives that hate Ketchikan) always ask me why we CHOSE to move here. I get asked probably once a week, and my answer is always the same, for a better life.

It's been exactly a year since we visited Ketchikan for the first time, (it's also our anniversary!), and now that we're here we couldn't imagine being anywhere else right now. We love it's beauty, it's freedom it's adventure and it's ability to provide as much solitude as we are willing to go out and find. So every chance we get we're out on that boat looking for something new...and Alaska does not disappoint.

Yesterday we pulled in our very first shrimp pot, and when I say pulled in...I mean PULLED in. See all those shrimp? (Ok, there were only 18...but when you're pulling up 400+ feet of line, it feels like gallons!) First crab, then shrimp!!!! It's good to be Alaskan!

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