Monday, March 28, 2011

We have POWER...sort of

We pulled up to the new house this week to see a newly installed power line and meter!!! We did a little dance, jumped around...and then realized of course we still don't have POWER, we just have power. Does that make sense to you? Most of our wiring was pulled during the demo last spring. So to keep it safe we pulled all of the fuses out of the breakers. So while there is power coming into the has nowhere to go. (Try to explain that to my kids who excitedly ran to the camper and started flipping switches, only to find that they still didn't work)

But, don't fret...we'll be wiring up a couple of outlets this week and hopefully by next week we'll be in the camper. We can't wait. I can't even explain how much we can't wait. I'm ready to get the garden started. Every day that passes by (sunny or rainy...and we've had lots of both lately) is one day less our garden is growing. It's nearly April in Georgia...I'm a bit behind the gardening curve!! Our goats should be coming along soon after that, and then the chickens. Laurel in particular can't wait, though she's stuck between naming the goats Goatie-Goatie & Junior, or Boots & Diego. I was voting for Darcy & Lizzie, but as I'm the only Pride & Prejudice fan in the family I'm out of luck. (I could also go for Anne & Gilbert, or Laura & Manly...I'm such a sucker for a good romance)

No matter...whatever they are named we will be waiting for our new house...starting next week. (I hope I hope I hope)

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