Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun with canvas!

I bought some bright colored canvas the other day for a couple of projects I was working on; first pink, then purple then blue. So I had little bits of each left over, enough to make one small project (if I really used every bit). I've been wanting to make some of the easter basket ideas that have been swimming around in my mind as well. At first I'd planned to make them out of flannel because the flannel was on sale and they had some great spring shades. BUT, something kept bringing me back to that colored canvas. It's just so vibrant. The blue just became a whale in mind, and that's where Luke's basket came from.
Laurel I wasn't so sure of. I drew a bunch of designs for her, thinking she'd pick a bunny or chick. Instead she picked the pig. I was pleased as punch because the bright pink canvas would make a perfect pig. But I was a little confused since she's never shown any interest in pigs. Later in the day she divulged that she picked the pig because of a story I told her about a little plastic pig that poops candy. (True story, they keep them at the front of the Joann's stores so when you're waiting in line you can't help but look at the little pigs that poop candy when you pull on their tails) Anyway, this is why she picked the pig. I think her brain train went something like this pig-> poop-> candy-> easter-> basket. Aha! And she knew what she wanted. My brain train often works that way as well. Jon thinks it's hilarious (if not what somewhat confusing).

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