Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lobsters and Frogs and Hats OH MY!

I have decided to try to enter my first craft fair. After initially deciding not to do any craft fairs yet (my epiphany came a little late to capitalize on the 2008 holiday season) I found one close to home, and decided I'd go for it. Unfortunately, it's not only close to home, it's close in date. I have three weeks to pull it together. Even then, I'm not sure there will be any available booths. But I'm going to try hard to make it and hope that there is an available booth waiting for me. There is so much that goes into this, I had no idea. Besides spending everyday sewing and planning I need to get a business license, tax ID, business account, copyrights and figure out how to accept credit cards. Yeesh. But I've narrowed down the products I plan to bring with me to the show. I haven't made them of course, but at least I have plan.
I've been up since 2AM and I know I'll get increasingly more exhausted throughout the day, but there is such an energy in me right now. So for now, I'll ride the wave and get as much work in as possible. I completed the designs for two more hats (which is to say I completed the prototype design). Tonight I plan to sew it up and we'll see how the pattern came out.
I also tried my hand at some applique...that didn't come out so well. But I guess it's good to know what your strengths and weaknesses are so that you don't waste your time.

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