Thursday, April 4, 2013

Meeting a Rockstar!

Despite living in a relatively small island community, we have a surprising amount of cultural activities.  And since it IS a small community there is a lot more interaction between the local artists and the people.  Ray Troll happens to be this families' favorite local artist..truly if you picked any one for my kids to be excited about meeting it would probably be Ray Troll. 

Leaping Salmon Sharks
Today at one of our museums there was a "lunch with the artists" event, with a bunch of the local artists who have pieces on display at the current Reflections exhibit. (My favorite exhibit over there so far.) 

They've already had two homeschool events in the new exhibit, giving kids a chance to learn about our local salmon fishery, see some new art and try their hand at their own projects.  While we were there I saw the ad for the lunch with the artists, and that Ray Troll would be there.  My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE his work.  His bold colors and imaginative scenes make for some great (and fun!) art.  I think it really speaks to the flavor of part because his work is all over town, from our city buses to the local shops.

When Ray Troll got up to speak about his work Laurel gasped in excitement.  She hung on every word he said, posed for a picture and asked a few questions.  As a side benefit she also got to have lunch with her dad and just chill out.  (Luke was disappointed to miss it, he's actually an even bigger fan of Mr. Troll's work)

It's good to be a homeschooler.  And it's good to live in a place with a feeling of true community spirit.  

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