Thursday, April 25, 2013

What the duck?!?!

                    Can you guess what we're thinking about?

We decided today to start raising our own backyard egg-layers. We had to choose between ducks and chicks and then decide how many we should start with.  YIKES!  We've been talking about starting a farm for so many years, this would be the first (second if you count the month of goats) step towards that goal.  We need to begin to learn the skills now so that when we do settle on a farm someday we'll at least know a little about what we're doing! 

We all sat down together to deliberate.  There was much discussion and much excitement. Both kids have strong opinions about what we should do. (Luke=chicks, Laurel=ducks) After many impassioned pleas we chose to start with ducks.  The word on the street (or the pond?) is that ducks are hardier and messier.  So here's my thinking...hardier means harder to kill (great for a family starting out) and messier means that anything else will seem easy after this.  So once we get used to the ducks, we'll add some chicks.  That sounds reasonable, right?  I almost went for both, but then I thought better of it.  We'll break ourselves in a bit.  Hopefully Roger won't mind them...he never did like those goats. 

Our eggs go in the incubator this weekend, so in a month we will have our own fluffballs. Stay tuned!

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