Saturday, March 30, 2013

Three Trails in Three Weeks

I'm trying to get Laurel to love hiking.  I don't know if I loved hiking as a kid...I don't think we did much formal hiking.  I certainly remember exploring the woods as a kid, and as an adult I enjoy the journey and the destination of a hike.  But it's hard to convince a kid that her burning thighs are a good thing.  But despite the burning thighs and 3 mile round trip---she did pretty well. 

She was in charge of the camera for a while, which she loves.  And she had her long-missing grey bunny returned this he tagged along.  But somewhere around the 2 mile mark the complaints started coming...and coming...and coming. 

Thankfully there were little distractions along the way, like this random Easter egg tree that we found about midway through the hike.

And these bones she found.  She considers found bones to be of great scientific importance, so she stopped and photographed them for a while.  She thinks it's a deer, we'll have to research that a bit.  She was able to find the skull, and two pieces of the lower jaw (teeth included), a lot of vertebrae and ribs and a mostly intact spinal column. 

Roger of course just wanted to eat her scientific discovery. 

The sun was out and the view was just gorgeous, especially the walk back on the main road.  The view of the mountains around each bend is breathtaking.  And despite being 43 degrees still, we found ourselves stripping off the hats and coats towards the end of the hike. 

Sometimes I think Alaska is a special gift, just for us.

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