Sunday, December 23, 2012

Modern Quilt Christmas Stockings

I have wanted to redo my Christmas stockings since my first little one was born.

(yes, I realize that's more than 7 years now)

Finally I decided that this year was THE year to make our family stockings.

I had visions of unbleached muslin with our names embroidered in white. Very classic, very simple. Maybe too simple for us. So I started sketching and thinking and searching...

At one point I was going to applique a Southeast Alaskan sea creature on each stocking, and the next it was going to be completely plain...then I was going to applique our faces...then I thought that was too much.

It went back and forth until piece by piece I picked what I liked best.




a touch of whimsy.

Tall order. (thank goodness stockings have 2 sides, because it's the only way I got everything I wanted)

The personal came from the candid memory tags hanging from each stocking. (These are the hand painted paper tags I alluded to last week.)

Since we just got back from our big Disney trip the kids unanimously voted on Mickey hats for theirs. Who knows what it will be next year...especially since things seem to change greatly from year to year in our lives.

The funny part is it turns out I love the back of the stockings more than the front. So for this year at least I will have the backs facing forward. (This is due to an aesthetic design flaw that will be a future post...once I've fixed are actually looking at the back of the stocking in all of these pictures!)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these. I can't wait to pull these out and hang them up year after year. It's like seeing tradition backwards...I can imagine pulling these out in 10 years and thinking about this time period in our lives when I made them.

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