Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Quick Knit Teacher Gift

This Christmas has been pretty quiet. I have the standard amount to do...nothing too hectic. With nearly everything checked off the holiday to-do list...

work parties
christmas shopping
girl scout party
bake cookies for school concert
make stockings
host homeschool party
make 3 teacher gifts

I couldn't decide what to do for teacher gifts...I was playing around with an idea for slug ornaments (banana slugs are sort of a popular theme here)...but I realized stopping to make a pattern might take too much time. I was thinking and thinking of something that I could do that would be handmade, special and wouldn't take too long. Then my head got cold cause I was in the mudroom (we heat soley by wood, and the woodstove is in the living room), so I reached for one of my knitted headbands to put on. Then I looked up at the mirror in front of me and BOOM. OF COURSE! So I found the link to the tutorial for the headbands that I made last year.

I actually had to unravel a few old unfinished projects to get these done. (What a great way to take the stress off of ever finishing those projects!)

As I said last year...this is a GREAT tutorial (I can say that cause it's not mine). It's 8 repeated rows, and it makes a REALLY cool cable. It draws deeper from one side than the other so it makes a really deeply-ridged cable. Very dramatic...good for when you use chunky yarn like this. I used much larger yarn and needles than required so that it would knit up fast.

This thing is wide, warm and gorgeous. It makes the perfect teacher gift...unless you live in Florida. Thankfully, I live in Alaska. (beautiful snow covered Alaska)

Wrapped with hand-colored Luke-tags it makes it personal too.

Guess what I have to do now? Nothing...except enjoy my kids, my hubby...some eggnog and some more Christmas movies.

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