Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yes...I said log rolling

Yes, my kids tried their hand at log rolling this week. And no, I never thought I would ever use the word log rolling in relation to anyone in my family. Hell, we have all our teeth...why would we be log rolling?

What can I say, Alaska is different. Log rolling could even be considered cool here. I know, I know...but if you don't live can't understand. We actually KNOW loggers here. Actual loggers. Jobs that only seem to exist on TV in other places are really real here.

The log rolling team allows people to pay a drop-in rate, so there is no long term commitment. (thank goodness, because while Luke loved it...Laurel was not fond of being cold and wet) And the kids loved that the practice was at the Lumberjack Show, they got to watch a little ax throwing before it all started.

It took a while for their teeth to stop chattering, even after we got dry. Even after some hot tea and flipping through the pictures and videos Laurel wasn't convinced that she wanted to try it again. Luke however, is ready to roll. (literally)

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