Sunday, June 17, 2012

Return from Helm Creek: Still Alive

We did not get eaten by bears. We didn't even SEE bears. But, we did see sea lions, eagles, whales, halibut, crabs, jellyfish and clams.

Ask me if we had fun. Go ahead, ask me.

Um, yeah.

From the time we got there it was like we had stepped into another world. We saw no one else for 4 days, except the one boat that came to check on their crab pots. We learned that we really love complete solitude. The kids and the dog were completely free to do whatever they wanted, and they loved it. The kids practiced casting, shot arrows, colored, read, explored the beach, and told stories.

We set the crab pots out 3 times. The first time we caught a giant sunflower star, which the kids thought was great. (and the 2nd pot was empty)

The second time we pulled up 4 crabs and a small halibut, and 1 crab in the other pot. We had a big crab boil that night with potatoes and corn, and by the end of those 5 crabs we thought we were going to burst.

The third day we pulled (I actually pulled these pots in) in 7, of those 5 were keepers. So once again we had a big crab feast.

The second day brought a fair amount of rain, so we stayed in and read about half of Little House The Long Winter and told stories and played games. In the evening it cleared up so we went out to set the crab pots, explore Helm Bay a little and try our hand at some fishing.

The toilet situation wasn't the best. No one wanted to use the outhouse, so we tried all sorts of things. The favorite in the end was the Luggable Loo. (it was the favorite of the kids anyway...Jon took one whiff and threw up). No loo for him...but the kids preferred not having to go into the woods. (of course the kids aren't the ones that had to clean it!)

I could live like this. (except, maybe with a real toilet)

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