Wednesday, October 12, 2011

no more late night crochet for me

I know better than to continue to crochet or knit when I'm tired. I make mistakes, I take's just generally a bad idea. I was so ready to have the body of the sweater finished that I didn't wait to try it on Luke before I crocheted the neck onto the pieced together sweater. If I had waited I would have realized that I wouldn't be able to pull it over his cute (but obviously large) head. Oy. I hate undoing and redoing things. You know how carpenters say measure twice, cut once...I am going to apply that concept to sweaters...and add onto it FOLLOW A PATTERN DUMMY! Pattern? Me?!?!?! NEVER!

I did this entire thing using the afghan stitch (with the exception of a single crochet around the bottom and top to finish it off) so that I could cross-stitch a skull onto the front. The afghan stitch leaves a very square stitch behind, perfect for cross-stitching. Though, I'm wishing now I had just knit the thing and appliqued on a skull. Live and learn, but on a positive note it does make a very thick sweater...which is starting to come in very handy here in SE AK.

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