Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Very First Quilt

I made this quilt in November of 2009, it was the first quilt I ever made but I never got a chance to post about it. I thought about it because I just unpacked it from one of my MANY craft boxes. Seriously, all in all there were no less then 12 boxes for the craft room. Between books, fabric, yarn, beads, glass and paint I have more than filled the mudroom/craftroom/piano-room in our new home. (by new I mean REALLY old...and rented, so not ours at all...I'll save that for another day, but I'll tease you with trap doors and slanted floors...YAY!)

Since this quilt was the first I ever made it is uber important to me. I had always looked upon quilting as something I would never, could never do. All of those hours spent pouring over tiny bits of fabric, meticulously cut and placed. No thanks! I don't spend hours pouring over anything that is going to make me go blind. I am an ADD crafter...get in and get it done before I get bored.

But, thankfully it turns out I can quilt the same way I do everything else. I hate planning, I hate patterns...I like to sit down, decide what I'm doing and then do it. Sometimes the project takes a turn here and there, but that's what makes it fun! In this case I started as if I were making a basic strip quilt. I pieced together all the blues I had, and all the greens I had. Then I put the blue and green together to make the sky and grass. Next came the appliqued tree, which I did in corduroy because I wanted lots of texture for the baby.

At this point I carried the panel around with me everywhere I went because I was so proud of it. (I swear this is true) And if anyone stopped to ask about it I'd give them the old "What, this? It's just something I threw together..."

Since this new-old-rented-house-o-mine is painted with turquoise trim and orange walls I think my quilt will fit in just fine hanging on the wall. And if not, it doesn't matter because it makes me smile, so I'll hang it anyway.

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