Monday, October 10, 2011


We have internet again!!! It feels nice to be connected to the world again. (though, honestly taking a break from it was nice too) But, now that I'm plugged back into the WWW and beginning to get settled here in K-town I can start back posting some of the crafts I've been working on. Mostly I'm "working on" unpacking...but woman can not live on unpacking alone. I've also been working on a skully sweater for the Luker and I just unpacked my sewing machine and fabric. So there will be some upcoming sewing and reupholstering projects as well as my first attempts at furniture. Plus a new project inspired by a trip to Refuge Cove with the Luker today.

Nearly every day we head over to one of the beautiful beaches and coves they have here in Alaska...and every day I drool over the driftwood just sitting there waiting to be turned into something awesome.

Today I found this piece and just couldn't leave it there. I plan to turn it into a votive or tea light holder, similar to this from the ETSY store UtopiaUF.

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