Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It's finally HERE!!! After talking about it for SOOOOOOOOOO long, we've finally taken the plunge and done it. In fact, I'm publishing this post as we are headed out the door to go to the new house.

While we are nowhere near as far along with anything as I thought we'd be, we just decided together that we need to be out there. So, this house isn't ready to sell, the Mountaineer isn't fixed, and technically we don't have power hooked to the RV or a waste tank. So what! Right? I mean, power and waste removal...those are such minor things. (yes, I'm kidding)

I know it's probably crazy, but we're nothing if not crazy...that seems to be the buzz anyway. Regardless of how it seems, this isn't crazy and we will spend the rest of our lives telling the stories of this year. So to those of you who secretly whisper to each other that we're nuts...well maybe we are (a little)...but we are four very happy (and excited!) nuts.

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