Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ever Wonder Who Buys the Singing Fish?

A quick trip to the RV store for some needed accessories turned into a day of fun for the kids. Seriously...why pay to go to Disney World when your kids think running from RV to RV is the best thing ever. Each RV is it's own adventure, the kids are partial to the ones with four bunks...I wonder if they're hinting at something.

So after I investigated prices and features on a waste tank (I won't expand on that further) I purchased a part I needed to fix our table (which I inadvertently destroyed last week while attempting to convert it into a bed)...and got convinced by the cutest kids ever to buy the singing bass. You know the sings Don't Worry Be Happy and flops around. I couldn't help it. My kids don't ask for much, and I appreciate I felt that they deserved the on-sale-singing-fish. Watch the video and see if you can blame me.

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