Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sleep comes to those who have INCREDIBLE kids

I am by nature a calm and relaxed person. But that doesn't mean I am ALWAYS calm and relaxed. Sometimes I can be a big ball of nerves, and when that happens it's not uncommon for me to be awake until 4 or 5am before I can finally manage to fall asleep. It doesn't happen often, maybe once or twice a year. But it can last anywhere from 1 night to 2 weeks. (Depends on the level of the stress and how well I'm dealing with it.)

I finally managed to fall asleep around 4:30 am...and of all days, my kids woke up at 6 am. ARGGGHHHH!!! you know what those rascals did? They let me sleep. And while I was resting they decorated my room with flowers and pictures and THEN they brought me breakfast (a banana, a piece of bread and a piece of cheese...arranged as a smiley face). How did I get so lucky? I seriously don't deserve these kids.

Once I did wake up (nearly 10AM!!!) I sat with them and knitted for a little while...then (after some coffee) I took the stress by the horns and came up with an action plan. I seriously don't know if I will survive this spring/summer...but if I do---I will be exhausted and completely run down---and I will feel like I can do anything. (I just wish I could press the fast forward button)

Update- I bought a second yoga Groupon (same place, posted under Athens instead of Atlanta) and went to class tonight. It kicked my butt, but helped work out some of my nerves---so hopefully I will sleep soundly tonight.

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