Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting It DONE

I didn't post last week. I had nothing to post. I didn't make or do anything new or interesting. But don't feel bad...what I DID do was work. Work work work work work. I packed, I unpacked, I cleaned, I had a yard sale, I got rid of bulky old furniture taking up space in the garage, and we made decisions on how to keep moving forward with all the stuff we have going on. So for this week:

1) Get rid of my car. The first car I bought myself. The one that took me 5 years to pay off. The one that has driven me all over the country. The one that drove me to the hospital when I was in labor with Laurel...and the one that drove us back after she was born (despite the lack of AC on the 95 degree day in August). And...the one that's been sitting at my parents house broken down for the last 2+ years. It's time to say goodbye.
2) Get the electrical permit for our new house to get the power restored.
3) Finish packing up this's been long enough.
4) Get the old appliances to the metal scrapper guy

And if that isn't enough...we still have another vehicle to get rid of, another to purchase, a house to finish packing/cleaning/repairing and get on the market, and a camper to move into. (Plus kids to feed and that sort of thing...)

So keep me on track people. Hold me accountable for all of this. At the end of the week it needs to be done. (Just 1-4, I don't expect the house to be on the market by Saturday...but maybe, if we work hard enough it will be by the end of March)

UPDATE- I can check off get electical permit I got that done today...but I can add replace water heater since it busted in the "good" house. 50 Gallons of water all over the place. We own two houses...neither of which has running water...that's not good. I bathed the kids at grandmas house tonight, and washed my hair in the cold water that I turned on just long enough to wash my hair, but not long enough to flood the garage again. Oy.

UPDATE-2- We got the all clear from our electrical inspection to reinstate power...woo hoo! And my WONDERFUL husband has already bought and installed our brand new water heater. NOW he's in the middle of replacing the water pump in our car...when it rains it pours.


Gramomster said...

Oh man! That's one heck of a list! Go go go!!!

Thanks for the direction to The Organic Sister in your comment on my blog. I'd found her before, but not bookmarked her. So inspiring! Yay!

Maggie said...

I'm working through it...I can't wait to get it done and into the camper. Simpler life here we come!

Gramomster said...

Right there with ya'!

Also, LOVE the ruffly sweater!!

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