Friday, February 26, 2010

Bread Lovin'

Is it ok to love bread? I don't mean "love" bread...I mean LOVE LOVE bread. I'm not even talking about eating it really (though I love to eat me some bread)...look at this loaf. Are you not in love with it? You should be. Alright, maybe that's not a fair question. I watched this bread grow from tiny wheat grains and yeast into this big braided beauty. I ground the wheat, hand kneaded the dough, waited for her to rise, braided her and baked her. Then when the moment came and it was time to take her out of the oven...perfection.

Here is my universal truth for the day...
No matter how busy or crazy things get, hand kneading your dough will make it all right again.
It's fun, calming, centering and it's something the kids can do with you. I forget how much I love it when I don't do it.
I'm excited to try my hand at some barn-wood projects. I've been trying to get some for free,(because I can't afford to pay for it) but I haven't been successful yet. We almost had free wood a few months ago when we found the house we loved...but we couldn't afford it at auction. Boo. This barn was one of the biggest selling points. (In fact I would not have taken the wood, I loved the barn exactly as it was) I will however ask the new owners if they plan to keep it, if not I'd be willing to to take the wood of their hands!! We shall see how that works out. In the end though, everything worked out. We bought a short-sale house with awesome potential...cross fenced and ready for animals. The house renovation is an enormous project of course, and the reason I'm in carpentry school. But I tell you's all coming it always does. Life is good.

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Kristine said...

The bread looks spectacular! Hope you guys are well!

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