Monday, March 8, 2010

Crocus Don't Lie...Spring Must Be Coming!

I can't believe spring is beginning to peak it's way out through winter. We went to the "new" house over the weekend (we do it every week to check the mail and make sure the place is still there). But this week it was warm enough to have a picnic. So we packed up sandwiches and drinks and a picnic blanket and had a picnic in our new backyard. It was great. We decided to explore the back acre a little bit, since it's been hard for us to do due to overgrowth and drainage issues. The kids had a blast exploring, and they both seem to have their own favorite exploring places already. Little-man likes to cover as much ground as possible, while my girl likes to look for specific things; birds nests, etc. While following Luke through a broken part of the horse fence I turned around and spotted a burst of color. I called Laurel over and she spent the rest of the afternoon picking the beautiful crocuses that had burst out of the cold ground to find the sun. It really felt like a little miracle. We never would have seen them from where we were either. They were hiding at the base of some trees on the other side of the yard...if I hadn't turned around, we never would have found them. (and they would have been gone before we ever knew they were there!)
I came across some things today that interest me (in no particular order)...

Natural Swimming Pools...we have to do something about our drainage problem, right?

We stopped at a flea market yesterday and I saw some antique chairs that I liked...then today I saw this. It's amazing how a simple pattern can be so dramatic. Now I want to go back and buy a chair so that I can do something like this with it!

This is a treehouse...looks like a gnome would live there. I can't wait to find the perfect tree on our new property to put a treehouse!!

This is from Land of wasn't particularly expensive...but that would take 30 minutes tops! And imagine the variations. I can't wait to decorate their new rooms. I can just picture a whole window seat filled with fun pillows. Birds and trees and butterflies and turtles!

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