Monday, February 1, 2010

Original Valentines

I don't know about you, but I find the store bought commercial Valentines to be tacky. It's always whatever the popular thing is...Transformers for boys and Disney Princess for girls. It's the same problem you find with commercialism in geniuses who make way too much money convincing your children they need things that they don't. So...why not make your own Valentines with your little cutie center stage?
I started this project last year and ended up with a beautifully printed (modern printers amaze me) 4 x 4 custom personalized valentine. This was around the time I was starting up my Candid Memory cards, so it was good practice. I started last years with a painted caricature of my daughter which I then scanned in and photoshopped into a card.

This year I changed it up a little and used an illustration instead. I had moved more towards the illustrations and away from the paintings toward the end, in part because I preferred the look. But I think also because the original black and white illustrations are more digitally customizable then the paintings. (take a look back at this previous post for directions on creating your own original illustration of your kids
So this years (which I won't unveil just yet) will be an illustrated version, and per Laurel's request will have her holding a chocolate heart (a real one of course).

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