Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Have I mentioned lately how amazed I am at the talent on ETSY? I am. I am constantly tagging favorites. I have so many it's too much to keep up with! I found these not so long ago, and I after I saw them I wondered to myself why I would ever buy real flowers again.

Men out your women these flowers. They might be the most awesome flowers in the world. I actually was first attracted to the site by the earrings. (which I also found to be amazing) But, not so practical in my world. Luke would pull them out of my ears...and Laurel would take them to feed to her stuffed Alligator (who knows why she does what she does...I'm in constant amazement of her too)...and I would be sad because my new beautiful earrings would be crushed. I remember four years ago (before I knew anything about ETSY) I went searching online for some amazing paper flowers to decorate my soon-to-be-born baby girls room. And I found some that were pretty neat, and both the large ones and the small ones still hang in her room. But these...these aren't just neat. These are awesome Alice-in-Wonderland works of art. Someone tell Jon how much I like them so that I can be totally surprised with them one day. (I can't tell him that I want them, it would defeat the purpose!) Anyway...this is her site...check it out...her flowers rock.


Anonymous said...

those are pretty tell my hubby to get them for me too lol

Anonymous said...

I wish I had known about these when I got married, I would have totally gotten them!!!!

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