Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Don't Fall on Me!!

Besides filling orders we're trying to get our lives, our house, and just about everything else in order. It seems we've spent every weekend trying to organize one area, only to destroy several more. I need to call the TLC Clean Sweep crew and tell them I'm in desperate need of a whole house clean up job. (Come on, it's a small house...I think you can handle the whole thing!) We don't even mind helping, we just need someone to keep pushing us in the right direction. It does make me wonder why I bought so much stuff over the years. Which is strange, because for people who know us we are a very tightly budgeted family, we don't buy that much stuff! Of course some of it predates us as a couple...a lot of it is gifts from our wedding, from having kids, etc. Unfortunately no one gave us a bigger house, so all of that stuff has no where to go but up. (And I don't mean the attic, it's already full...I mean up into tall towers of stuff balanced oh-so-carefully so as not to tip and fall and crush us all)
So in between cleaning and filling orders (and working and taking care of kids) I've also been trying to play around with some designs for canvas storage baskets/bags. The goal is to make something cute, relatively free standing that can be used as whatever it needs to be. Larger ones for toys and laundry, smaller ones for knick-knacks. I made one yesterday that is SO big (not on purpose) that I could carry Laurel around in it...standing up...and barely able to see over the top. It wasn't my intention to make it so big...but that is what prototypes are for. Getting a feel for what works and what doesn't. Essentially you should be able to pick it up like a tote, set it down on the ground and have it keep it's shape, and then when you're done hang one of the straps on the wall and have it look cute and decorative. If this works out I plan to have a couple in each of the kids rooms, a couple in the living room, and maybe some smaller versions in the kitchen, bathrooms, etc. Just an easy way to clean, pick up and organize while looking cute. This is the goal, we'll see how it turns out. In the end I'm sure you're asking...why don't you just go buy baskets like normal people? And that's a good question. Partly because we're cheap, a little because I think it will look cute, but mostly because we're trying to get things off the ground and free up some living space. We'll just have to wait and see how it works out.
In the meantime I've also been working more on the graphics side of the, etc. I've expanded on the digital Candid Memory cards that I was working on. I like the simplicity of the designs. So here are two I did up with my two scallywags. The goal will be to sell singular cards for special occasions, plus packs of cards for general stationary, thank you cards, etc. I think a pack of cards personalized with pictures of someone's kids would make a good mother's day gift. It's simple, cute, personalized and inexpensive. But, maybe I'm too biased. I need one of those friends who is totally honest who would tell me whether something looked stupid or not. (Actually, I have one of those friends...but I'd be afraid to ask her because she might say they ARE stupid. And really, I don't want to hear that!)

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