Friday, January 29, 2016

Encore RV Resorts: An Introverts Nightmare

Laurel wanted more than anything (in Florida) to go shelling on Sanibel Island...but like the rest of Florida, RV reservations are nearly impossible to get. Unless, you are willing to stay at one of the many overpriced and overcrowded private RV Resorts. This was our first attempt to stay at one of these..and it was truly a last ditch effort to be able stay near Sanibel.

First impression, yuck.

Second impression, holy crap, we'll never get the camper into that spot.

Final impression, after really trying hard to give it a chance...never again.

Just to really show how poopy I thought this place was, 
I took a picture of the dog poop that kept magically appearing outside our camper.

 There are people who come back here year after year, and people that live here full time. I don't know why any one would...granted, as an introvert, the last thing I want is to be crammed in like cattle with a bunch of strangers (who you can see and hear at all times) that want nothing more than to come talk to me about nothing in particular. This is also the kind of crowd that wants to heckle you about anything, offer unsolicited advice, and generally tell jokes that are either stupid, offensive, or both. 

A view of the tightly squished in campers.

Yes, I know I sound very negative. Just to be clear, I am being negative. This was the worst place I have ever stayed...and that includes the hotel in Louisiana where you could hear the vermin moving around when you turned out the lights.

We were so tightly packed in that we couldn't even open our slide all the way.

Thankfully, despite the RV Resort being awful, our trip to Sanibel was wonderful. I'll post that by itself...I wouldn't want to taint the good with the bad!!!

*As a final note, on the morning we were to pull out, we could not. We were so crammed with RVs, cars, tables, dogs, and tight roads that we simply couldn't get out. We were near desperate and ready to just walk away and forget it all...when two very nice employees stopped to help us. Without them we simply could not have gotten out. So to Kevin and George, the bright spots on the otherwise dim view of this Encore Resort in Ft. Myers...we thank you! 

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