Thursday, January 14, 2016

8 Years of Unbridled Boy

I can't believe that my baby is 8. His body is stretching, lengthening and broadening. And I just can't believe that this witty and athletic young man was once my chubby bumbling baby.

His walk around the sun had to be a walk around 
the camper-kitchen due to high winds outside.

He is constantly testing his independence (and my patience), but still wakes early every morning to snuggle with me. I cherish every morning snuggle, knowing that at any time this can end.

Trying and mastering his new Ripstik he got 
for his birthday.


On this, your eighth birthday, you have floppy hair, a short temper, a big heart and lots and lots of energy. You love Harry Potter, Minecraft, Playmobil and sketching. You play guitar like a rock star, and write lyrics for your band (that currently includes only you and me).

Luke and Laurel decorated the camper for the party.

Laurel surprised him with a Minecraft Birthday, 
complete with Creeper cake that she made herself.

He wanted a salad bar for his birthday dinner.

You picked Florida for your birthday because you wanted to see Winter the dolphin again. I know that before long you will be grown, and those things won't be so awesome anymore. (And I'm so very glad that you aren't quite there yet.)

Happy Birthday my sweet baby.

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