Friday, October 23, 2015

Goodbye M/V Wanderlust

I should know better than to write while emotionally drained. (It's kind of like going to the grocery store when you're hungry...except, the exact opposite) After 14 hours of cleaning, moving, and getting the boat ready to ship north, we were literally exhausted. Then this morning we went out to watch the harbormaster crew strap her up and tow her off.


She was our home. The best home I've ever had, and I've had a lot. We will miss her so much, and I think we will always think of her as the home that made us the family that we always wanted to be.

But last night at 10 pm as I was walking across the dock in the rain with my two sobbing kids, I thought to myself "what the hell are we doing?!?!"

Then I remembered three very important things;
1) We're living our best life.
2) Leaving a place you love is hard.
3) Exhaustion is awful, a good night's sleep can put many things right.

The morning came, we watched the boat go, and it was still hard. But we're still here, still standing, and using it as an opportunity to grow together even more.

I know what we're doing is right for us. I know it deep down in places where only right things live; where hope, love, forgiveness and compassion are. still feels hard right now. We have two weeks in the hotel/apartment that is (literally) three times the square footage of our boat. It's nice, having a little space again, but I feel far away from the kids as they are playing upstairs. I can't even hear them...I miss being able to hear them at all times! Thankfully our camper is ready for us, all we have to do is go get her...and once again I will be able to hear my kids play. I think my tiny, wonderful, adorable, cozy houseboat has ruined me for all others. (But don't tell the camper, it will get jealous!)

Goodbye M/V Wanderlust! You will be thought of fondly, toasted well, and remembered forever.

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Jane said...

Megan this was so beautifully written. We have been thinking of all of you. We feel blessed that we were able to visit everyone in Ketchikan so often. We have so many wonderful memories.
Love ,
Jane and George

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